About us


Baltuonis turkeys farm is family business which since 1995 is growing English white turkeys and selling their fresh meat and half-finished products in Lithuania and European countries. Turkeys are fed with natural, high quality fodder which is produced by us and of our grown grain.


Baltuonis Turkey Farm was founded in 1995 by Vladas Baltuonis, in Kalniškiai village, Kretinga district. In 1995 in Lithuania there were no specialized turkey farms, so the idea of growing domestic turkeys came accidentally.  In the same year first incubatory white turkey eggs shipment was delivered from United Kingdom.

In 1996 Baltuonis Turkey Farm was approved as varietal by Ministry of Agriculture. Baltuonis Turkey Farm participated in AgroBalt and Lithuanian University of Agriculture exhibitions, where company’s production was highly commended. Baltuonis Turkey Farm was awarded by Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture, Chamber of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania and many exhibition organizers.

In 2003 slaughterhouse with disemboweling shop were built. In 2004 slaughterhouse obtained State Food and Veterinary Service validation number (LT 56-07 EB), which allows Baltuonis Turkey Farm to export its production to European Union countries.


A short video about our farm.